Goddess Symbolism In Nature

Goddesses have always been connected with the natural environment, no matter what culture they come from. Natural objects, whether animated or inanimate, permanent or transient, constitute the most prevalent goddess emblems. 

Goddesses are frequently shown or portrayed as having the body of a woman, although they can also take the form of an animal, plant, mountain, water supply, or heavenly object. The descriptions in this section cover both since the line between a tree signifying a goddess and the tree being the manifestation of that deity is not always evident. 

Goddesses might be connected with abstract ideals such as wisdom or wildness, in addition to natural items. Often, a deity is identified with many qualities, some of which appear to be in conflict, such as goddesses linked with both virginity and fertility. 

Other common connections include life stages and specialized human occupations like hunting and weaving. The list below provides an overview of frequent goddess affiliations, as well as examples of goddesses from each category.

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