Who Is Goddess Chup Kamui?

Chup Kamui is Japan's chastity goddess. 

Chup Kamui was the Ainu people's moon goddess, but after spending one night overseeing the earth and witnessing humanity's immoral and lustful conduct, she asked her brother, the sun, to swap places with her. 

She was transformed into the sun, and he was transformed into the moon. 

She guards women from unfaithful acts and is a symbol of modesty and purity.

Who Is Goddess Chun T'i?

Chun T'i is a sorceress who can perform miracles and bestow magical benefits. 

She gives light to the land and mankind as the goddess of the dawn. 

She symbolizes clear thoughts and aspirations. 

She shields you from wars, conflicts, and turmoil.

Who Is Goddess Chuang Mu?

Chuang Mu is the goddess of the boudoir in Chinese mythology. 

Chuang Mu is a goddess of love who rules over sex, sensuality, and desire. 

She is known as the Lady of the Bedchamber, and she is in charge of all bedroom activities, including sleep, dreams, and disease healing. 

She teaches real lovemaking etiquette and builds trust between couples. 

During China's annual Lantern Festival, Chuang Mu is honored with presents of rice, tea, and fresh flowers, as is customary.

Who Is Goddess Chomo-Lung-Ma?

Chomo-Lung-Ma is Tibet's mother goddess. 

Chomo-Lung-Ma, Mount Everest's original name, is believed to dwell inside the peak, sending her love and blessings across the globe. 

She is the Universe's Great Mother, bestowing riches and spiritual understanding to those who seek her advice. 

Her anger is earned by immoral conduct.

Who Is Goddess Chihuacoatl?


Chihuacoatl, also known as Cihuacoatl is the Goddess of childbirth in Aztec mythology. 

Chihucoatl is the patroness of Aztec matrons and is often depicted as a large snake. 

She is in charge of labor, birth, midwives, and mothers who have died during childbirth. 

Chihucoatl, whose name means "Snake Woman," is revered as an Earth Mother. 

Her scream indicated a period of conflict or sorrow, and she assisted in the creation of the human race. 

Chihucoatl is portrayed as a youthful lady or a skeleton-faced hag.

Who Is Goddess Chicomecoatl?

Chicomecoatl, also known as Xilonen is the Earth goddess of the Aztecs. 

Chicomecoatl is the seven-snake lady who is responsible for the earth's and humans' fertility. 

She is revered as a goddess of food and wine, and she is a nurturing deity who provides plenty and plenty to her people. 

She is portrayed with a crimson crown and robes, holding ears of maize, and is said to represent the feminine element of grain. 

Every September, the Aztec people sacrifice a young girl who represents Chicomecoatl in order to guarantee Chicomecoatl's benefits. 

Chicomecoatl is a Triple Goddess who is portrayed as a young girl bearing flowers and fruits, a mother shielded by the sun, and an elderly lady who carries death in her touch.

Who Is Goddess Chasca?

Chasca is the goddess of light in Peruvian mythology. 

Chasca was revered by the Peruvian Inca as the morning and setting sun. 

She protects virgins and young girls as the goddess of dawn and twilight. 

She is regarded as the sun's servant, and it is via her light that flowers and plants may grow and flourish.

Who Is Goddess Chantico?

Chantico is Goddess of pleasure and suffering in Aztec mythology. 

Chantico, the goddess of the hearth, home, and volcanoes, bestows prosperity and stability to the household. 

She is in charge of material wealth and valuables, as well as safeguarding the house from theft and loss. 

Chantico symbolizes the duality of life, the earth, and humans; she bears the balance of happiness and sadness, pleasure and suffering. 

Her femininity and sensuous qualities, as well as her links to pleasure and suffering, have led to her adoration by people who engage BDSM sexual practices. 

Her name means "She Who Dwells in the House," and she is portrayed with a crown of cactus spikes and crimson serpents.

Who Is Goddess Ch'ang O?

Ch'ang O is the Moon goddess in Chinese mythology. 

Ch'ang O and her husband were cast out of heaven and had to become mortals in order to survive on Earth. 

Ch'ang 0 took a full dosage of an immortality medication intended for both her and her spouse in order to return to her former splendor. 

She drifted to the moon, doomed to be alone for the rest of her life. 

Women in China pray to Ch'ang O to bring them their soul mate during the lunar holiday. 

Sweet foods and incense are given to Ch'ang 0, and the hare is her holy animal.

Who Is Goddess Chalchiuhtlicue?

Chalchiuhtlicue is an Aztec water goddess. 

Chalchiuhtlicue means "Jade Skirt" or "Lady Precious Green" and is the mother of lakes, streams, and the sea. 

She is a fertility goddess who preside over childbirth and blesses babies at their first bath. 

She is shown wearing water lily-patterned clothes and clutching a rattle in her hands. 

Chalchiuhtlicue's shrines and temples were constructed along streams and irrigation ditches, and she is mostly revered by people who rely on water for their livelihood.