Goddess Al-Uzza

Al-Uzza, Arabia's Virgin Warrior. 

  • Al-Uzza, together with her sisters al-Lat and Manat, is the youngest of the pre-Islamic trio. 
  • She is known as "the Most Mighty," and she is a fearsome warrior who fiercely defends what she claims as her own.
  • She is the goddess of fertility and wild creatures, and she used to be worshipped with animal and human blood sacrifices. 

  • Her influence over astrology and the change of seasons comes from her position as the morning and evening star. 
  • She is the protector of fish and dolphins as the goddess of the sea, and her name is invoked by travelers and sailors for safe travels. 
  • The acacia tree, clocks and watches, square-shaped stones, and granite are all emblems of Al-Uzza. 
  • She considers cows, felines, and dolphins to be holy.