Goddess Astarte

Astarte is the goddess of love and battle in Mesopotamia. 

  • Astarte, like the deity Ishtar, was revered across ancient Mesopotamia. 
  • Her name literally translates to "star," and she is the moon's might. 
  • She is the all-powerful queen of the morning and evening stars, ruling over the sky and all of creation. 
  • She is the mother of all astral bodies in the cosmos and governs over the spirits of the dead. 
  • She governs passion, marriage, and sexual interactions as a love goddess, personifying a woman's body's sensuality and the strength of feminine freedom. 
  • She is the Warrior Queen in her evil side, her rage poured into war and combat triumphs. 
  • The sphinx, the dove, and the star are among her emblems.