Who Is Goddess Cerridwen?


Cerridwen is the goddess of the cauldron in Welsh mythology. 

Cerridwen, the Keeper of the Sacred Cauldron, concocts heavenly knowledge and inspiration in her magical cauldron. 

  • She is the protector of spiritual development as well as the giver of wise counsel and ultimate justice. 
  • Cerridwen is primarily revered in the Crone aspect, creating the triad with Blodeuwedd and Arianrhod, despite the fact that she embodies the aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. 

Cerridwen, the goddess of the moon, is in charge of prophecy and witchcraft, as well as the powers of death and rebirth. 

  • She is said to be one of Avalon's five goddesses. 
  • Her totem animal is a white sow, and she has a holy year and a day for dedications and initiations.