Who Is Goddess Chicomecoatl?

Chicomecoatl, also known as Xilonen is the Earth goddess of the Aztecs. 

Chicomecoatl is the seven-snake lady who is responsible for the earth's and humans' fertility. 

She is revered as a goddess of food and wine, and she is a nurturing deity who provides plenty and plenty to her people. 

She is portrayed with a crimson crown and robes, holding ears of maize, and is said to represent the feminine element of grain. 

Every September, the Aztec people sacrifice a young girl who represents Chicomecoatl in order to guarantee Chicomecoatl's benefits. 

Chicomecoatl is a Triple Goddess who is portrayed as a young girl bearing flowers and fruits, a mother shielded by the sun, and an elderly lady who carries death in her touch.