Goddess Lajja Gauri Or Aditi


Lajja Gauri, also Aditi is a Hindu sky goddess.

Her name means "unbound," "limitless," or "free." 

Lajja Gauri is shown as a lotus-headed goddess, nude and decorated with jewels, with her legs lifted in a birthing or sexual posture, revealing her vulva, in ancient Indian art.

She is the Infinite Mother, the controller of the conscious and unconscious minds, the past, present, and future, as well as the whole cosmos.

She is the ultimate guardian, providing safety, spiritual enlightenment, and worldly prosperity to her offspring, as well as an easy way to their heart's desire for her devotees.

In the holy Vedic literature, Lajja Gauri is described as the Mother of All Gods and the intercessor between humans and the Divine.

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~Kiran Atma