Goddess Lilith Or Lilit


Lilith, or Lilit: Sumerian wind goddess.

In Sumer, Lilith is regarded to be the first Queen of Heaven.

Lilith's attributes gradually blended with Inanna's, and she became Inanna's handmaiden and constant companion.

She is the goddess of the elements of air, wind, and storms, and she seduces men into temples for sexual ceremonies.

Lilith was changed into Adam's first wife and mixed with legends of witches and demons to explain her domineering personality as Hebrew traditions expanded across the Middle East.

Lilith was pictured as a full-figured lady with the wings and claws of a bird in Sumer; the Hebrews subsequently described her as half woman, half snake.

The screech owl and the black moon are her emblems.

~Kiran Atma