Goddess Anath


Canaanite goddess of love and battle, Anath. Anath was venerated across Mesopotamia as the Virgin, Mother, Warrior, and Wanton. 

  • "To respond," "strength of life," or "active will" are some of the meanings of her name. 
  • The deity Ba'al, or Bel, is her brother and consort. 
  • Her devotees beg her for war and reproductive issues since she has a voracious hunger for sex and blood. 

  • Women henna their hands, braid their hair, and dress up in the best adornments to pay homage to her during spring and harvest celebrations. 
  • Many of her stories and characteristics have been mixed together with those of Asherah and Astarte, and some academics believe Anath and Astarte were combined to create Atargatis
  • Anath is typically portrayed naked atop a lion, holding flowers in her hands, or as a young girl dressed in war attire.